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The Finistère is the most westly department of France. It ranges from Morlaix over Brest up to Qumperlé.

If you think, this region might be flat and without interest, you are all wrong. From the geological side of view, Brittany is an age-old  mountain chain.

Long fine sandy beaches, small bays and a partly cliffy rocks as well as pleasent heathlands are part of this region. You will also encounter smooth hills and deep chasms.

Lannilis is situated at the "Coast of  Legends" between the two typical "Abers" (similar to the norwegian fjords) Aber Benoit and Aber Wrac'h, 25km north of Brest. The degree of latitude is comparable to the situation of Munich/Augsburg.

Der Mündungsbereich des Aber Wrac'h
Climate and weather

Thanks to the vicinity of the gulf stream, Brittany has a very temperate climate with mild temeratures. A real winter with snow and ice is unknown and therefore you will find many tropical and exotic plants which can be admired in public gardens.

The stereotype "in Brittany there's always rain" is all wrong. Rain showers are mostly short and little intense.

Example: the average rainfall in June in London is about 46mm. In Lannilis it is 25mm.

Frost, snow and glaze are very rare and limited to some morning hours in January. The temperatures in summer are very comfortable and range between 19°C and 26°C. We have more than 2.000 hours of sunshine per year. There is always a light breeze blowing and therefore a sticky, hot and humid atmosphere is completely unknown. The breezes take always care for fresh and clean air.


Der Aber Wrac'h at low tide
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Lannilis is situated 25 km north of Brest, between the "Abers" Benoit and Warac'h, wich lead many kilometers to the inland.

We recommend to use the french highways (Autoroute) even though they are toll roads. You will travel much more relaxed, because the traffic density is very low.

You can also use the toll-free national roads (RN - route nationale) but it will take much longer and is more stressful.

Lannilis is easy to find. From the east the N12 -toll free like all highways in Brittany-  leads up to Brest. Just before Brest, the exit D788 "Gouesnou / Lannilis" leads to the D13 north to Lannilis.

When you approach Lannilis, follow the dirction "Centre Ville", this will be the second roundabout direction supermarke "E.LeClerc"

Pass by the supermarked and follow direction Centre Ville. After 10m you will arrive at an elevated pedestrian crossing. Turn left (rue Alphonse Salaün) and immediatly left again (rue Pierre LOstis). After about 30m you will be here (Nr. 16).

This is the quickest way. Many airlines offer cheap tickets from different airports in Great Britain to Brest.

From the international airport Brest we can pick you up (shuttle service) or we can organize a car rental.

The french high-speed train TGV arrives in Brest, central station. From there, you can use the bus connection #36 to Lannilis or our shuttle service.

The car ferry connects Plymouth and Roscoff. If you arrive without a car you can use our shuttle service.

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